Silicon masters

Silicon master molds

contain a set of hard nanostructures on a surface that can be used as-is for immediate applications or transferred to other materials by replication, such as soft-lithography. Pillars on the silicon master can turn into holes in your assembly template used for nanoparticle deposition.

Soft-lithography is a very powerful and economic technique providing defect-free inverted nanoscale patterns of the master. It allows producing hundreds of polymer replicas. Our masters are coated with an anti-stictioncoating that ensures many replication cycles.


Standard and custom silicon master molds manufactured by state-of-the-art electron beam lithography and precisely dry-etched into a silicon substrate.

Define the size ranges of interest, and we will make one for you.


Fast order-to-shipping time, choose from readily available products

The success of nanoparticle deposition depends on the height and the size of the traps, therefore it is important to match the diameters of the nanoparticles with the linear dimensions of the mold, or vice versa. Typical dimensions of the pillars range from tens to hundreds of nanometers and typical arrangements are a square or triangular lattice with spacings of hundreds of nanometers. We offer areas as large as 4 cm2, other sizes available upon request.


Not interested in carrying out soft-lithography yourself?
Check out our readily available elastomer templates!




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