is a start-up company that was established in 2020 to commercialize the outcomes of the nanophotonic related prospective research results obtained at the Kaunas University of Technology in the last decade. It is dedicated to but is not limited to expanding the application horizons of nanophotonics, diffractive optics, nanolaser, etc.


Nanotechnologies is a key enabler promising major breakthroughs in a manifold of disciples and Nanoversa is positioning itself at the far front of this transition.


"Solutions for Self-Assembled Nanophotonics"


Nano - assembly

Nano-assembly is a nature-inspired process promising error-free transition from individual elements to functional materials.

Moore’s law-driven state-of-the-art lithography technologies are rushing to propose competitive results only with a great man effort behind it.

Capillary force assisted micro and nanoparticle assembly is a key enabler template-based technology bridging the best over the two worlds, i.e., macroscopic surfaces can be seamlessly patterned with nanofeatures preserving unprecedented positioning accuracy.

Colloidal chemistry is the most effective process for making monodisperse single-crystal metal nanoparticles demonstrating narrow plasmonic resonances.


How to exploit the unique properties of the colloidal nanoparticles for real-life photonic applications?



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UAB "Nanoversa"

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