Nanophotonic structures

Plasmonic nanostructure arrays are an essential part of emerging nanophotonic devices. Recently, a phenomenon called surface lattice resonance (SLR) has gained attraction with spectacular properties such as plasmonic field enhancement combined with ultranarrow extinction peaks.


SLR effect exhibits as a peak in the optical absorbance spectra and the intensity is more than ten times higher than induced by Surface Plasmon Resonance absorbance. 

The SLR peak position is tuned for targe wavelength. The main application of the structure is the base for SERS-active substrates development. 

Nanophotonics structures are successfully applied to many fields such as photovoltaics, spectroscopy, and biomedical devices. 

The nanophotonic structure consists of: 

 plasmonic nanoparticle array (SLR peak range 470 nm - 890 nm)

 polymer replica (PDMS)

 glass slide

 active are 15mm x 15mm

 size 2cm x 2cm

Two alternatives exist for the manufacture of SLR-featuring structures:

top-down nanofabrication involving complicated, time-consuming, and expensive clean-room-based technologies
bottom-up structures, such as self-assembled colloidal nanoparticles on patterned templates, are much cheaper and often higher quality


In case you are not willing to incorporate the capillarity-assisted particle assembly technique in your lab, we propose premade samples applicable for efficient surface lattice resonance (SLR) generation.

You can choose from readily available and tested nanoparticle patterns or request a quote for custom arrays, with the freedom to choose the pattern on a polymer replica via a silicon mould and the nanoparticle solution.

We will offer consultations ensuring your combination features the best SLR possible!


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