Diffractive optics

Diffractive optical elements (DOE)

Very often in micromachining and spectroscopy applications, one laser beam is not enough. When the space is limited or reflective and polarizing beam splitters are not appropriate, especially where ultra-short laser pulses are used, diffractive optics stand-in. 


DOEs can be designed and carefully manufactured in a way that they can divide one laser beam into the desired number of diffraction orders with minimal losses and symmetrical fanning out configuration. The diffraction efficiencies can range from fractions of a percent for beam intensity sampling applications to nearly unity efficiencies when losses are undesirable.




Main Characteristics 

Rectangular grating profile

Optimized for the wavelength of your choice

79% Diffraction efficiency (sum of +1 and -1diffraction orders for optimized wavelength)

4f lens optical systems and similar 
Reflective DOEs are employed in atomic trapping experiments.    


Fabrication technology

Technics Available Aperture Material
 UV lithography 4μm, 10μm, 10.8μm, 11.7μm, 13μm, 15μm,
17μm, 20μm, 40μm
up to 20mm × 20mm Fused silica, monocrystalline silicon
EBL lithography period and filing factor of your choice <4μm typical but not limited
to 5mm × 5mm
Fused silica (substrate up to 4“), monocrystalline silicon
Holographic lithography 250 - 400 nm typical but not limited
to 10mm × 10mm
Fused silica, monocrystalline silicon

*Thin metal coating enhancing reflectance is available.



You know what light distribution you need but are not sure how to obtain it.  

Just contact us!

We will simulate and realize the custom pattern for your task.



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